8-hour training rides for $20!

Boost your confidence, ride with a fantastic group and a trained instructor on our free group motorbike rides!


Group motorbike rides

$20 group training motorcycle rides

During our rides we cover urban riding, rural riding, slow riding, (explaining how to manoeuvre in tight places with your feet up), cornering correctly and much more. 

During the ride, our highly trained instructors are here to answer any questions you have about your riding

Even if you think you're doing everything correct they might be able to help you make some improvements.

They are there for you all day so any questions you might have, this is your opportunity to ask. 

All students have an ear piece so your instructor can communicate with you during the ride.

These Training rides are held only on Saturdays, with a maximum of 8 riders so be in quick. 

To book ring 0800 923 000



Bayride Motorcycle Training